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Hello and welcome to A. D. Swafford Photography.  What an Amazing opportunity to have my very own photography website!  This beautiful website was created and designed by my multi-talented and inspired husband, Darrin L. Swafford from Web Conceptz n Designz.

Marking a beginning of a long road toward success, I graciously thank all who were kind, encouraging and supportive in my artistic vision.  I would appreciate and welcome you to sign my guestbook, leave comments and subscribe to my site and newsletter.

Thank you for stopping by and know that you are always welcome.  God Bless!!!


There is nothing quite as exciting as traveling across the globe.  The sights are always sponteneous, breathtaking and full of discovery.  It would be such a blessing if all people had the opportunity to visit another country and gain an appreciation for different cultures.  Unfortunately, many never leave the place they call home at any given time during their life.  Well, this is where my gift comes into play.  I have traveled in conus and abroad since I was a child due to being a military brat.  Also, later in my life, I have been privileged to work, live and visit numerous locations such as Korea, Panama, Italy, Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Australia, Germany and Holland.  This offered me the unique opportunity to capture unforgetable moments to share with the world.

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